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Basic Facts RV Motorhomes

Posted on February 8 2013 in RV motorhomes, Class A RV motorhomes

One of the most essential must-haves for any outdoor enthusiast is a recreational vehicle, more popularly known as RVs. If before, outdoorsmen have to bring along a camping tent and live a very basic life whenever exploring the countryside, because of the advent of RV motorhomes, they do not have to go through such an experience. The value of having an RV is that outdoorsmen are able to explore and enjoy the wonders of nature, crisscrossing the country, all without giving up the comforts of home. This is a reason why the sale of YV motorhomes across the country is currently on an upward trend, despite then recent economic crisis.

RV motorhomes come in a variety of class and size, from behemoth movable homes that are able to even pull a small vehicle, to small trailers that come with the most basic home necessities. In either case, this offers a great convenience for people who wish to travel a lot and explore. RVs are generally categorized into two: motorized RVs and towable RVs. While towable RVs are basic camping trailers that are literally towed by a vehicle, motorized RVS are mobile homes which are driven like a typical vehicle. Motorized RVs are commonly classified into A, B and C classes, all depending on the size of the motorhome and the amenities that come with it. The good thing about these motorhomes is that consumers can actually choose specific sizes and classes that fit their particular outdoor lifestyle.

Class A RV motorhomes are the ones that are most elegant and expensive being offered on the market. Usually, class A RVs actually look like a real middle class home, complete with all its amenities, with the difference that it is literally on wheels. Class A RVs offer complete partitions for living, sleeping, bath and kitchen areas just like a typical house. In addition, class A RVs also comes with complete appliances and electronic gadgets that are even more updated and classy than the ones typically found on a middle class home. These kind of motorhomes are also fit with ceramic tiles and beautiful wooden closets on the inside, making users experience the full comforts of home even when on travel.

Meanwhile, class B motorhomes usually come with more basic amenities and features. They are commonly called van campers, and are usually built using a fully sized van chassis. In fact, such kind of vehicle has the strength to actually pull a small boat behind while on travel. Typical class B RVs usually provide spacious storage facilities, and also have separate compartments for dining, living and sleeping purposes. Some class B units also come with an integrated electronic entertainment system.

Class C RV motorhomes are known in the industry as a hybrid between class A and class B motorhomes. These vehicles usually come with dining, living and kitchen spaces, while sleeping areas can be found in attached cab sections that are expanded in a slide out manner. In addition, class C motorhomes also come with basic amenities like furniture and basic appliances, making its users experience the comforts of home even while at travel.

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